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by Repulsion

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Desecration of the earth - Massive death End of all that breathes new life - Nothing left A few survivors nearing death - Mutated Slow decaying of the flesh - Soon they're dead Eating flesh to stay alive - Cannibals Decaying bodies everywhere - Smell the stench Burning bodies lay in mess - Foul gore Radiation burns your lungs - Rabid death Bodies burn in massive piles - Bloodbath Toxic fumes destroy your health and sanity Death for you is coming soon - Slowly rot Chemicals destroy the earth - Holocaust
Eaten Alive 01:37
Horror in the graveyard - An evil hellish sight Worm eaten corpses rising in the night They're seeking human flesh, they live for nothing else Once they come to you - You can't defend yourself Out of the grave - Death is stalking you You can't escape - Your eaten alive They bite into your flesh But you're still alive You scream out a cry of agony and death Your guts are devoured Your bones are stripped of flesh Your mangled fucking carcass Lies in pools of blood
Acid Bath 01:30
Burning flesh - Putrid stench Rotting guts - Smell of death Bloody fuck of bones and flesh Decomposed - Vomit breath Acid bath burns your flesh Driving you insane Blood and guts all that's left Soon you die in pain Burning bones make you puke Now your next in line Lowered into the pit Screaming as you die...
Tyrants in their corporate throness Schemes to rule the world Military mass murder Charges their advance Senseless death disturbs the peace The world is at war Gods of devastation come To heed the final score Dawn of destruction - Pain and death unleashed Thousands left in famine - Blood runs through the streets End of humanity, a nunlucky few are left To see the living horror and walk among the dead Nuclear solution - End the war at once Deadly missiles dropped - Burning human flesh Buildings turn to ash - Life does not exist Sadists have their victory - Drop the iron fist
Decomposed 01:21
Rotten unearthed corpse - Soldier of the dead Zombie life from hell - Eyes see only red Damned to walk the earth - No more room in hell Come out of your grave - Search for human prey Find a lonely girl - Walking in the park Bite her fucking throat - Tear the flesh apart Rip out all her guts - Eat the putrid shit Feast of fucking gore - blood drips from your lips The feast is almost done - Bones are all that's left This lonely little girl has met her tragic death Maggots start to spawn - Rise afain to kill Nocturnal living corpse - Rised by Satan's will
Radiation overdose - Melting flesh Life is draining from you - Toxic death Rotting from the inside out - Flesh turns grey Inhaling radiation fumes - Lungs decay Sickness from the radiation makes you lose your mind Hair falls out, internal bleeding Virus makes you blind Radiation burns your flesh - Soon you'll die Poisoned clouds of toxic rain in the sky Start to fucking decompose, still alive Rigor Mortis freezes you, now you die
The dead they rot in pungent pools of blood Corpses mangled - Bones and flesh decayed Life not real - Tragic accident Splattered cadavers fill this morbid room Decomposing rotting flesh Vomit from the smell of death Faces of death haunts your mind You can't leave the morbid gore behind Corpses recharged from death by your hand Fear of death turns into sand Mangled bodies in the morgue Cold cadavers on the floor Semi-victims in a bag Faggot zombies dressed in drag
Scorching through your tortured mind Burning in your eyes Hideous infection - painful death Slowly you demise Now you see your friends all die Your trying to withstand But you can't fight this evil foe Inner organs start to rot Smell the curdling skin When it eats into your brain Is when the pain begins Lonesome death by festering boils You're dying all alone But as you see from beyond the grave They feed upon your bones Agony, torture, eternal pain Festering boils drive you insane Rabid disease destroys mankind Festering boils eat your mind
Decadence of your mind Sanity you can't find Rotting flesh diseased your brain Painful death the final reign Stained with blood the dead now weep Struck by plague and black disease Stenching piles of mangled dead Agony in their heads Plague has struck the innocent Virus of contagious death Death infliction set on course The earth is piled with rotted corpses Omen of deadly fate Sent into a world of hate No more war only death The earth becomes a fiery crypt
Crematorium 01:28
Lined up on the road to death Victims sure to die Trapped in lives of living hell Horror in their minds Tyrants chose their destiny Picked to die at birth Burned behind the concrete walls Their screams are never heard Flesh it burns and peels away The blood boils in your veins Inhale the smoke from burning flesh Hear the screams of pain Vomit as you start to die Choking on the bile Corpses hooked and dragged away Thrown into the pile Roasting in the crematorium, death is slow Flames burn your fucking flesh to the bone
Sickening thoughts, your soul's in chains Your rotted corpse brought to life again Brain is dead but your instincts alive Visions of death still haunt your mind Insanity breeds in your varicose veins Poisoned blood flows through your veins Your breath reeks of a rotted form And the menstrual flow of a thousand whores Your blood it boils and rots your brain Tortured life makes you insane Your self control has nothing left The only escape is through your death Once again your at death's door Your wasted life exists no more Now your doomed to rot in hell Your fucking corpse begins to smell
Epitaph above your head For many years you've been dead Maggot brain - Pus filled eyes In a moldy casket you reside Your the dead, your heart is black Lived your life in blasphemy Now you rot day by day Eternal torture, slow decay Your body's filled with rotten worms Skin falls off your bones The moon ignites your dried up corpse How decrepit you have grown Your reek of shit and rotten guts Embalming fluids - Rancid crud Released from hell you walk the earth Your rotten corpse give new birth
Victims all lay bound and tied Horrifying screams and cried Headmaster shines his blade On the block your head is laid Cut in half, you scream and writhe Guts pour out from inside Gouge your eyes out of your head Torture you until your dead Break your bones, tear your flesh Mutilate your fucking face Body parts lay around in my human slaughter house Lick the blood off my knife - smile and take another life Burst your chest and eat your heart Defiling bodies is my art Limbless torsos piled up One of them I slowly fuck Tear your limbs off one by one Killing to me is such fun My hacksaw yearns for you Now there's nothing you can do
Repulsion 01:44
Worm infested rotten flesh - The stench is what I lust Vomit on a corpse face - Maggots eat the crust Fornicating zombies in a grave that reeks with death Rotten fetus in the garbage - Hanger through it's head Rabid dogs feed on a corpse, the bones are stripped of flesh Twisted and disfigured children - Struck by violent death Sickened in the mind by all the death that you have known Forever you will smell the stench of rotting flesh and bone Torturing your brain, driving you insane The horror that you feel unfortunately is real Pungent oozing pus - Drives you to disgust Vomit on the floor - Can't withstand the gore
For many peaceful years their bodies laid in rest Nuclear disaster from an ill fated test Bodies start to rise, the holocaust is near Can't escape the horror Smell the lurking fear Zombie eating children - Ripping out their guts Headless bodies in the playground satisfy their lust Cities are destroyed as corpses come to life You can't escape the horror, feel the lurking fear You know the end is coming, feel the grip of death Zombies get you cornered and tear apart your flesh Stick their fingers in your neck Rip off your fucking head They need to eat the living It's the hunger of the dead Now you're a fucking zombie Your skin is turning blue You feed to eat the living It's hunger of the dead Now you're a fucking zombie Your skin is turning blue You feed upon the living Hell's awaiting you Find a helpless victim, bite into his flesh Drained of his life's blood, he feels the lurking fear
Black Breath 02:16
Nine slaves of death - Trapped in eternal hell Kill you with their breath - If you catch a smell You've all will to live - Losing death You are doomed to die - Smell the reapers of death Fevered and delirious - Despairing dreams Black shadow haunting you - It never leaves Now you begin to feel unrelenting pain Before your life is through your gone insane Stiffening of the joints, death creeps in Flesh is turning blue, the end begins Screaming endlessly, until your death Certain death comes at last From the black breath
The coffin is sealed on your rotten corpse You lie in darkness, death corrodes your face You are rotting, maggots in your coffin Worms in your head - Soon they'll be dead Nothing to feed on in your empty skull Hell is where you are, your tortured soul is scarred For years you'll rot in pain, lonely and decayed You are rotting, maggots in your coffin
Horrified 02:04
Chill climbs up your back Nightmares of death Black haze pollutes your mind Fear will infest No warmth to comfort you You see only black Snarling faces staring at you Tormenting evil laughs Horrified Adrenaline is pumping fast Sanity cannot last Grab your head, scream in pain You know you won't be sane again Horrified Morbid thoughts obsess your mind You live a hellish dream You feel the horror looking down A face you cannot see Paranoia in the dark You sense that death is near You try to scream for help But not a soul can hear Horrified Deep within your consciousness Horror is unleashed Stare into the face of death A hellish mutant beast Pressure builds inside your brain It's about to explode The blood drains from your head You lie there, still and cold


Repulsion is the band that introduced the world to insane blasting drums, bone jarring distorted bass, and the most vile lyrics imaginable. Originally released in Europe in 1989 by members of Carcass on their Necrosis Records label, Horrified is a genre pioneering masterpiece that has influenced so many death acts, most notably Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed and Cannibal Corpse. This reissue includes the classic LP, the Excruciation 7", and the elusive demos, plus a bonus disc replete with tons of extras!


released February 4, 2003

Relapse Records


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Repulsion Flint, Michigan


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